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Anti Corrosive Treatment

Underbody Coating

Stop worrying about rust gripping on your underbody. Underbody coating is a unique anti-rust protection system that has a black viscous coating. The product can be easily applied on the underbody of automobiles. It has a foster drying time and is non-toxic. Underbody coating system makes a corrosion resistant protection film on sheet metal that protects the car from rust and abrasives.

  • Protects underbody panels of your car against stones, gravel, pollutants, etc.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion of under body parts.
  • Deadens droning noise and insulates against heat and cold.

Internal Panel Protection

Some treatments seem to hardly work while wax oil works hard. Cavity protection ensures protection to cavity areas where the paint does not reach and safeguards the vehicle from corrosion for years. This helps to maintain vehicle`s structural integrity. It blocks deep penetration into open seams and crevices, reaching areas that are inaccessible to high viscosity products. Spray action penetrates the smallest of cavities and inhibits further rust for used cars.

Silencer Coating

It is a high temperature coating for silencer of the car developed to resist heat to high temperatures and to withstand corrosion. It gives a shiny new look and reduces noise.

Engine Coating

Engine Coat is a transparent lacquer coating for the engine compartment. It gives an ultimate clean and a rich look to the engine compartment by removing the corrosion.

  • Gives a clean and glossy look to the engine compartment.
  • Does not affect MPFI engines.
  • It can withstand heat up to 200 degree Celsius.
Does not require cleaning engine compartment with diesel. Once engine coat is sprayed also protects wirings tubing from heat.

Sound Deadening Pads

Sound Deadening Pads are conformable, self-adhesive sheets that can be easily custom cut and applied to vehicle floor pans, engine compartments, hoods, deck lids, inside doors and on body panels. These sound deadening pads work to suppress noise, vibration of vehicle and thereby improving audio quality of your car.