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Exterior Treatments

Ceramic Coating

9H Ceramic Coating is the latest nanotechnology from Britemakers which is a high gloss & hardness coating with the strong hydrophobic effect. The product is nano-size material can fast permeate into basic material and offer a long-lasting Nano protective coating that features a High Gloss finish, Strong Hydrophobic effect, Anti-Grafitti, Anti-dust & mud, Scratch Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance, and self-cleaning with water. Product is 100% clear and transparent like water when it is in the container. After curing, it will turn to a strong Silicon Protective film like glass to protect the substrate permanently. It will form a strong chemical bond to the material surface and will not wash away or break down.

  • Highest Hardness 9H
  • Highest Mirror Gloss
  • Repel -water/Dust/Mud/Ice/Snow
  • Color restoration, Old car become toned car
  • Real Nano hydrophobic construction & easy clean
  • Corrosion & Oxidation resistance
  • Scratch resistance & Abrasion resistance
  • UV Resistance &Aging Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance & Weather Resistance

Paint Protection Treatment

Our paint care system will make your car as the brand new one which will be lasting for more than a year. The process starts by cleaning the car & waxing the painted surface and removal/fading of scratches, swirl, and oxidation. Removing fine scratches and restoring the shine by applying high-quality polish. A premium sealant is applied for giving a premium glossy look and protection to the vehicle.

Surface Refinement

We would like to recommend surface refinement for at least one-year-old vehicle. This cleans oxidation and deep stains. It removes scratches and swirls marks giving your paint a swirl free finish. Along with that it removes light surface impressions, protects the vehicle from sun, salt, grease, tar, acid rain, and industrial fall out while sealing in a deep and durable shine. Provides long lasting and high gloss finish to your vehicle`s exterior paint.


Head Lamp Restoration

Complete restoration of headlights will provide a cluster clear vision to driver. Headlights are cleaned with special glass cleaning solvent. Then it`s applied with a polishing compound with sponge. Finally buffing of the glasses with polishing machine and thereby giving complete restoration of headlights and provides spotless vision.

Windshield Treatments

Windshield glass coating and protection provide us safe and clear driving in all weather conditions. Improves driver visual acuity and response time. These treatments reduce blurring and blending effect in rain. Repels water, dirt, dust & ice. Reduces dust accumulation and droplet formation during the rinse.