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Supplementary Treatments

Rodent Repellant

Rodent Repellant offers effective rats/ mouse control Odor.The application of Repellent temporarily affects the mucous membrane of rats. The rats after a long exposure gradually starts developing fear to the smell and hence moves away from the area where it is. The fear is well communicated with the other rats. As a result, its application can keep away other rats also from the area tor a long time.

Tyre Sealant

Tyre sealant seals punctures for the lifetime of tyres. Its long lasting formula is made of a chemically neutral 100% organic polymer that will not corrode or damage the metal rims, tyres, plastic or rubber parts. Tyre sealant will seal punctures up to 6mm and is non-flammable, non - freeze, non-toxic and safe to the environment. Once our tyre sealant is in the tyre, it remains until a hole is found, allowing the sealant to escape and react with the atmosphere to seal the leak.

Tyre Sealer & Inflator

  • Non–flammable.
  • Easy to use, without the tools.
  • Fast, can repair the tyre in seconds with gas filling.
  • Convenient for urgent repair, reduce potential safety hazard in communication.
  • Non corrosive for the rim, tyre, eco-friendly, no-cfcs.
  • Well sealed, can seal 3/16 inches hole (0.476cm) for temporary repairing.
  • Cool down after adding this material, can reduce the tyre’s temperature 3-5 C degree.
  • Environmental, adopts environmental and biodegradable material, no poison to nature.
  • Safety : Adopts special anti-corrosive ingredients to prevent damage on hub.
  • Washable tyre, can clean it with water.

Bumper Lip & Protector

Bumper protector is used to protect your car bumpers from scratches. It is universal so that it fits most of the cars, truck or SUVs. You can stick it in the front or rear bumper, body kit, side skirt, tail fins etc. Its ultra-light weighted, durable and flexible so that it does not break or tear easily.

Beadings and Gap Fillers

Prevents objects from trapping in between seats, doors and other gaps.

  • Prevent your belongings from trapping between your seat and the center console.
  • Material : Leather + hollow cotton.
  • Compatible: Almost all car models.
  • Stop Gap blocks that gap between your car or truck seat and center console.